Travel Management

Each booking is conditional on C T Travel securing the minimum number of passengers to operate both day and extended tours. Where this number is not achieved, C T Travel reserves the right to cancel a scheduled trip. In certain cases, the tour may be offered at a later date.


All prices are in Australian dollars and include tour administration costs, operation expenses and GST (where applicable). Prices include all coach travel, airport transfers (where applicable), other means of travel costs, meals (where applicable), accommodation, sightseeing, admission, and may also include airfares where relevant. Not included are meals not identified in the itinerary, optional activities, personal expenses or drinks. Tour activities and attractions (both included and optional), are subject to availability and/or seasonal factors. Any changes in attraction, accommodation, airfares, travel by other means costs and/or fuel costs advised after we advertise a tour will incur a variation in price to the customer.

Vehicle Allocation

C T Travel reserves the right to supply a coach suitable for the numbers of passengers on the tour. We always endeavour to utilise our own vehicles and drivers at all times, however, in the event of circumstances beyond our control we reserve the right to make alterative travel arrangements.

Itinerary Changes

Where possible all tours will go ahead as advertised. However, C T Travel reserves the right to alter or change the accommodation, providers and carriers at any time for any reason. We also reserve the right to cancel or alter tour itineraries at any time without notice due to unforeseen circumstances. These could include, (but not limited to) road conditions, inclement weather, insufficient numbers, supplier or carrier nonconformances, operational requirements or no availability of venues or attractions.

C T Travel is not the provider of third-party tours, accommodation, meals, attractions and travel by other means, and operates in good faith on the information provided by these third parties suppliers. As such, C T Travel accepts no responsibility for accuracy of information provided by third parties.
ALL alterations or substitutions will be made with the best interests and intentions of all passengers. Wherever possible, we will advise passengers of these changes.

Seat Reservation

We do not guarantee seats unless full payment has been received. Seating on the Coach is not reserved unless there are medical conditions that require access to certain seats.

Pick up Locations

Pickup points will be advertised as part of the tour requirements, and due to tour timings will not normally be changed. Please advise office staff of your preferred pick up location at the time of booking.
We may be able to pick up at retirement resorts upon request, but this is dependent on numbers and travel timings.
All passengers are required to be at their point of pickup ten minutes prior to the prescribed departure time.

Special Conditions

C T Travel encourages passengers with disabilities or special needs to travel with them as part of our “Travel for All” policy. Any special needs requirements are to be declared at the time of booking, and C T Travel would encourage travellers to organise their own travelling companion to assist with these special needs. Extended touring with wheelchairs may not be suitable due to operational limitations, however, we encourage people to enquire so we can identify and possibly assist in supporting these needs.

C T Travel reserves the right to refuse travel, or suspend travel where it is the opinion of the company that the special needs person is not able to care for themselves during the tour, has become too disruptive to other travellers or has become a hazard to the operation of the vehicle.

C T Travel take all due care to assist with these travel arrangements but takes no responsibility for any additional costs where the traveller is precluded from completing the journey.

Dietary Requirements

Passengers are required to inform C T Travel of any special dietary requirements at the time of booking. When travelling, passengers should re-confirm these requirements with the driver who will check with each location. Because meals are provided through third parties, all care will be taken to inform them of the special requirements, but C T Travel cannot guarantee these will be met.

Fitness to Travel

As part of C T Travels ongoing commitment to delivering safe and enjoyable travel experiences, we encourage passengers to ensure they are fit to undertake the activities and travel outlined in our tour itineraries. Passengers who take regular medication should ensure they carry enough to cover their daily requirements for the duration of the tour.
Passengers should also be aware of the heat stress and high temperatures experienced during extended outback travel.
Some tour components may require long periods of walking, varying in degree of difficulty. If unsure passengers should enquire with C T Travel staff at the time of booking.
Where a passenger is unsure of their fitness to travel, they should consult a doctor for advice prior to booking travel.


Day Tours
Full Payment for Day Tours is required no later than 14 days prior to the travel date. Payment is not permitted on board the coach, with the exception of Club Days.

Extended Tours
A non-refundable/non-transferable deposit is required within 7 days of booking to confirm your seat on the tour.

As stated in the itinerary below each tour, final payment is due no later than 30 days prior to departure, unless otherwise stated.

For bookings less than 30 days from date of departure, full payment is required within 48 hours for confirmation.

Passengers may pay for their tours over the phone using a credit card, mailing in a cheque or direct deposit to our account. MasterCard and Visa Card are accepted forms of payment. Cheques should be made payable to Coolum Tours & Travel


Where C T Travel make travel bookings on behalf of clients with third party carriers, payments and refunds may be subject to the cancellation conditions of the respective carriers. This will be beyond C T Travel control.
Day Tours

7 days or less from the Departure Date: No Refund will be given, unless there is a replacement passenger to fill the booking.
Extended Tours In some cases, tour refund terms may be increased up to 2 months or when tour details are finalised


C T Travel strongly recommend that passengers take out travel insurance to cover them against unforeseen circumstances including cancellation. C T Travel can assist with travel insurance, or clients can find providers through the Yellow Pages or the Internet.

Seat Rotation

It is a policy of C T Travel that on all extended tours, seat rotation is our normal practise. on a sector or on a daily basis, to provide everyone with an equal opportunity in each seat. Please notify the office if you suffer from any disability such as travel sickness or any other medical conditions.


Luggage is limited to 1 medium sized bag per person — approx. 20kg and one small hand luggage. Your luggage must be a size that you can carry without difficulties. Divers will help with luggage on extended tours where possible; however, drivers, at their own discretion, can refuse to handle luggage. Small luggage is recommended for inside the coach. Due to safety protocols, all heavy luggage and items must be placed in the luggage bins underneath the coaches or in trailers provided.

Accommodation and Meals

All prices listed are for Double/Twin Share and Single accommodation.
Part of travelling is the fun of making new friends. but C T Travel accepts no responsibility for the suitability of rooming partners allocated for single passengers willing to share.

Single supplement is always available for travellers who do not wish to share, but this will incur an additional cost. Where rooming partners are unsuitable, every effort will be made to rematch partners, or single accommodation can be arranged for the remainder of the tour at additional cost to the passengers.
Where a passenger has opted to twin share, but C T Travel is not able to find someone to share with them, a single supplement cost will apply.
The accommodation is based on 3.5 to 4.5 stars (unless otherwise stated) with evening meals and breakfasts included (unless otherwise stated)
All meal inclusions are noted in your itinerary for the tour by notations such at BLD (B=Breakfast; L=Lunch; D=Dinner) next to each day on your itinerary to identify which meals are included on each day.

Promotional Release Policy

On tours we take photos and at times request written comments, for promotional purposes. C T Travel reserves the right to utilise these photographs and comments for promotional and business activities. Please advise us, if you do not wish to be photographed or would not like selected photo’s or comments printed in our future promotions or website.

Young Travellers

Please note that some tours are not suitable for children. Persons under 18 must be accompanied by an adult. Child pricing is subject to third party and twin share prices at the time of travel.

Customer Parking

Customer parking is not available at our depot whilst you are away on tour.


Tour and holiday travel (including all associated activities) are subject to some degree of risk. Passenger participation in tours offered or operated by C T Travel may incur certain risk beyond the operator’s control, including, but not limited to, hazards of travelling in remote areas; travel by rail, boat, aircraft or other means of travel; forces of nature; accident, injury or illness in remote regions without rapid means of evacuation or access to medical facilities. C T Travel and any other carrier companies will not have any liability regarding provision of medical care or adequacy of any care that may be rendered. It is understood that C T Travel will use their best efforts to ensure that adequate measures are taken. All passengers are encouraged to make their own enquiries regarding conditions and safety warnings in relation to the destination they are travelling to.

C T Travel make all arrangements for offered and operated tours upon the express condition that they cannot accept responsibility or liability for any delays, accidents, injury or damage caused by third party providers or any other service the company acts as agents on behalf of, where the third party fails to deliver a said service.


These terms and conditions may from time to time be subjected to further changes by C T Travel, and are shown on the C T Travel Website,

Bookings are made subject to the Terms and Conditions applying at the time of deposit.