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Welcome to the World of Luxury and Comfort on the Coolum Tours and Travel 13.5 Metre Luxury Volvo Coach.

Imagine embarking on a journey that is memorable and enjoyable. This is exactly what you get when you travel on our Luxury Coach. This coach has been designed with a keen focus on comfort and style, offering a truly unforgettable travel experience.

As you step inside the coach, you will be welcomed by 50 stylish and comfortable Styleride Aquarius reclining seats. The seats are well spaced to give plenty of legroom, ensuring that you can relax and enjoy the journey, even if it is a long one. Each seat is equipped with a footrest, mesh pockets, and USB ports, allowing you to stay connected and entertained while on the road.

For your convenience, the coach also features a rest room that is complete with a vanity basin, mirror, and hand dryer. Whether you’re on a long journey and need to freshen up or just need a moment of privacy, the rest room offers a comfortable and private space for you to do so.

The interior of the coach has plush carpet flooring, which adds to the overall luxury and comfort of the coach. You can relax and enjoy the journey in cool and comfortable air conditioning. The coach is also fitted with curtains, offering privacy and added comfort for all passengers.

In addition to these features, in the unlikely event of an emergency the coach is also equipped with a fully stocked first aid kit for your peace of mind., and a satellite phone is carried when travelling in regional and remote areas.  

At Coolum Tours and Travel, we believe that a journey should be an experience in itself. That’s why we have invested in a coach that offers not only convenience but also luxury and comfort. Book your journey today and experience the ultimate in luxury and comfort. So why wait? Book Now.

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